Six Steps To Permanent Weight Loss

Knowing how to start your weight loss program to acquire a lean, shapely and healthy body is much like any major project. You would approach the project with a plan. Having an achievable, realistic strategy is critical to your success. These are the six steps to follow when developing your plan.

Get a total check-up from your Doctor. It is vital that you target your health first. You want to be SMART about your goals.( Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely ) The last thing you want to do is aggravate any underlying medical conditions which you may or may not be aware of as you pursue these new lifestyle changes.

Get a fitness evaluation. Starting at the appropriate fitness level will allow you to get the most out of your exercise program. The exercises should challenge you at your fitness level to prevent unnecessary aches and pain and possible injury.

Get a nutrition analysis. Forget about going on another diet, besides you may have tried that before. Instead you’ll want to know what your body type is which will determine what foods will help you burn fat faster, speed up your metabolism and prevent the loss of precious lean mass (muscles). What is the quickest path to your fat burning zone and to stop storing FAT!

Schedule time. The best plan is worthless if it is not put into action. You want to begin with the end in sight. Determine a block of time from a start date to a completion date for your first phase. Usually I would block out six, eight or twelve weeks for a client. Next you’ll need to determine the days and the time you will be exercising and committ to it like a second job (if you are retired or financially independent and do not have a regular job you still want to stick to a schedule). If you miss any time you must make it up. There are no excuses, if you can get around then you need to stick to it, period!

Prepare and plan your daily meals. This is the key to taking the fat off and keeping it off. Do what you need to do to get the required meals into your body. Your body relies on you to provide what it needs to function properly and to stay healthy, lean and strong. If you are not eating according to your plan your body will not cooperate and will not release exsisting fat stores to be utilized in the energy production process. In fact, it will continue to store fat and refuse to burn fat, even if you are exercising. This is even more critical if you are over age thirty-five and have not been eating and exercising properly for many years.

Throw away your bathroom scale. Focus on evaluating your physical performance. When you first started, did you fatigue quickly? Did your muscles burn and gave out easily? Did you breathe heavily if you tried to kick it up a notch? Now you are exercising for more than an hour at a time and you feel great. When it is time, if you are doing what you are suppose to be doing your body will release the fat with very little effort. I guarantee it!

Well there it is. Now it is up to you to get serious about what you want to achieve and refuse nothing but success. The bottom line is to stop storing fat, start burning fat and stay in the fat burning zone for LIFE!