Saving Money In Weight Loss And Fitness

Reaching your weight loss and fitness goals does not have to cost you a small fortune. You do not need to sign any long-term contracts with the local gym, buy up a room full of fancy exercise machines, or spend hundreds of dollars a week on a personal trainer.

Believe it or not, getting started on your way back to fitness and health is only a few steps away, and then a few more steps, and a few more again. Take a walk. Make it a brisk walk if you can and make it a habit. Try to go just a little further each time until you are walking 30 to 45 minutes at a brisk pace.

Don’t have a place to walk or the weather never seems to cooperate? Maybe your excuse is that you just cannot miss your round of evening television shows? No problem. Get off your butt and stand in front of the television. Walk in place, stepping high with your knees coming up to your waist, and then switch to trying to kick your own butt with your heels. Moving is the key to getting results, not sitting around talking about it.

Want more? While you are standing there in from of your favorite show, make a couple of fists and alternate right and left punches to the front of you. Go high, medium, and low. You might even try throwing a few straight above your head.

Now let’s take it a little further. Modify those punches you were just doing to have your right fist punching across your body to your left side and use your left fist to punch to your right side. Punch high, middle and low as you continue to walk in place.

Your high knee walking combined with your twisting punches is working your abs. Your arms are getting a little workout, your legs are moving, and your heart rate is picking up to get a little cardio too! Wow, you are getting exercise in front of you couch while watching television and it isn’t costing you a single penny!

Use your imagination. Be creative to get results. Your basement stairs can be a great fitness tool if they are safe to use. Grab a couple cans of fruit or water bottles and hold one in each hand and get a little bit of light resistance training. Pushups, crunches, jumping jacks, leg raises, and other old fashioned calisthenics can still be rather effective, take no money, and very little space.

Still think you need diet pills to lose weight? Ok, buy a big bottle of diet pills and dump them out on the floor. Now pick them up one at a time, making sure you stand completely before grabbing for the next pill. Do not swallow them, just place them back into the bottle and save them for the next workout.

Exercising and watching your diet is about improving your health, not getting hurt. Push yourself for results, but know your limits. Don’t forget to check with your doctor before starting a fitness plan to be sure there are no underlying conditions to surprise you.